Skiathos was inhabitated since the prehistoric times, accordingly to Thoukydidis and Skymnos the Chios, firstly by Carians, Pelasgians and later from Cretans and Chalkidians. The name Skiathos likely draws its origin from God Dionyssos Skianthios that was worshipped by their Cretans of Skopelos – ancient Peparithos.

The churches and monasteries of island are many and of great interest, with Virgin Mary Ikonistria being the protector of Skiathos but also the holiest place of island since the thaumaturge Icon of Virgin Mary was discovered in 1650.

Do not omit to visit the house of author Alexandros Papadiamantis in the city, a two floor traditional house which today has been changed into a museum.

More than 60 golden sandy beaches with green waters are in your disposal! The Big Sand, Koukounaries, peculiar Lalaria, Limenaria, Tsougrias, Kalamaki, the beaches Klios, Banana, Marathias, Elias, Aselinos, Mandraki, Vassilias, Achladies, Platanias, Sklithri, Zorbades, Aghia Eleni, Xerxis and Kechria are some of the most beautiful beaches that embrace the island. Koukounaries is the most famous beach of Skiathos, acquaintance also with the name "Golden Sand" that has been nominated as the third best beach of Mediterranean. The beach offers unique occasion for rest and enjoyment, after the well-known forest of Koukounaries stops just a few meters from the sea. The forest - as well as the lagoon Strofylia that is found in this - constitutes infrequent biotope, protected today by Municipality of Skiathos.

At the Eastern side of cape Straw three Bays can be found with Kanapitsa Bay to be the most well known and the other two are Sklithri and Tzaneria, with splendid beaches. Very famous beach, that assembles crowds of young people is Vromolimnos, in western utmost of cape Kalamaki with calm crystal waters and splendid thin sand. The beach Troulos has taken her name from the cupola shape islet that is found there, on the way to Koukounaries beach. Very well known resort with splendid beach is also that of Aghia Paraskevi.